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NCC 2019: Facade Calculator

The NCC 2019 facade calculator has been available for some time now.

Almost 18 months ago, Fabric First were commissioned by the Australian Building Codes Board (ABCB) to assist the Australian Construction Industry to adapt to the new requirements of Part J1 of NCC Vol 1.

Such assistance would be provided via the development of a spreadsheet that is capable of being downloaded from the ABCB website that can accurately calculate the outputs based on a building’s design documentation of its proposed façade.

While online hosting represents a more reliable format that allows for the review, collection and analysis and distribution of data, the widely used and well-understood spreadsheet application Microsoft Excel was chosen for this application.

Grab a copy here.

To support Industry uptake of the calculator, Fabric First have pulled together a few quick videos to provide some support documentation. It is understood that the ABCB are pulling more formal documentation together for release later this year.

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